Led By: Cathy Chabolla
 Contact Email: newdaykmotion@gmail.com
 Contact Phone: 909-238-6835

Kids in Motion, Moving toward Christ

 “In Him we live and move and exist…We too are His children.”

Acts 17:28
Let the Praises Ring!

K-Motion, the name for our children’s ministry, is based on the book of Acts and focused on Chapter 17: Verse 28, “In Him we live and move and exist…We too are His children." Our children live, move and exist because of Christ, therefore they should be brought up to “move” for Him.

 Our goal here at the children’s ministry of New Day Christian Fellowship is to help kids fulfill the Great Commission by causing a Great Commotion!


 Are you hearing the kmotion?


I sure hope so!

Come, and start a “KMotion” for Christ!
For HIS Glory.